Our Tasting House

We think that "Tasting House" is a more fitting name than "Tasting Room" for the beginning of your experience with us.  As you come up the driveway, we want you to feel like you're going to visit a peaceful home in the countryside.  We have great seating out on the concrete patio, plus seating on the large deck that looks north towards the Blue Ridge Mountains.  For colder days, we also have lots of seating areas inside.


Most people visiting us ask, "Where are your vines?"  Great question!  We planted our first vineyard blocks on the property across the road from the Tasting House that we bought in 2010.  We have ordered over 2,700 vines that we will be planted in April 2018, bringing us up to about 10-acres of vines.  These new blocks will be planted in front of the Tasting House to take advantage of the north facing slope of the property, and also giving us a great view of vineyards with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.


Well mannered pets are welcome outside on the patio, but please not inside the Tasting House.